CPO – Certified Pre-owned

CPO – Most Used Cars Don’t Need Certified

That’s something many used car dealers won’t admit. Most two- to four-year old cars are so well made that, with the proper maintenance, they’re going to coast through five-year warranties. Car companies lose money when they have to fix cars.

Certified pre-owned used cars are becoming more and more popular as car buyers increasingly need to replace their older used cars but may not be ready to buy a new car.

Certified Pre-Owned Can Be a Good Idea

If you can’t afford a new car, it makes sense to purchase the next best choice, a certified pre-owned used car. You’re going to save money on monthly car payments, which is a good thing.

Used Car Value


Auction sales and collector car values that are going up and the used car market is pushing strong numbers. A recent report from Edmunds put the average price of a used car in 2014 at $16,800, which is a record, and up 5.7 percent from 2013.

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The certified pre-owned market inserts clean off-lease vehicles into the market and that accounted for 2.3 million sales last year, or 21 percent of the used car market. While 27 percent of the overall new car market in 2014 coming from leases – and 53 percent in the luxury segment – that segment will grow and it will serve up even more gently used cars. The increased prices for older cars is expected to come from the expansion in subprime lending and lower gas prices.

High Quality Certified Used Cars Denver

High Quality Certified Used Cars Denver

At A1 used cars of Denver we pride ourselves on providing only the finest vehicles for our customers.

All of our vehicles are Dealer/CarFax certified, thoroughly inspected by our ASE certified mechanic’s, and then professionally detailed prior to going on the lot. Our vehicles come with a 6 month nationwide warranty. We specialize in commercial cars and trucks and are a trusted source for vehicles that get the job done right. For a quality certified pre-owned vehicle, it has to be Affordable.

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We pride ourselves on being able to offer our vehicles to customers no matter their credit history. We believe in service after the sale and we go out of our way to help each and every customer in any way that we can. Our customers trust us and come back time and time again for their pre-owned car needs. Only two things make that possible: unequaled quality and a high level of service.

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